Issues Management
Public Perception
In high visibility cases, public perception often reflects heavily on the client or even the lawyers involved. Such instances call for insight into the loyalties, beliefs and persuasions of the general public. Tactical PerSuit® utilizes solid research methods to discern the attitudes and inclinations of the public regarding certain high-profile cases.
Media Relations
Tactical PerSuit possesses solid, trusting relationships with many media outlets throughout the Southeast and beyond. Having a liaison who understands media and how certain "facts" are reported can be invaluable to you and your clients.
Crisis Management
Tactical PerSuit is made up of some of the most experienced crisis management personnel in the Southeast ... if not the nation. Various members of the Tactical PerSuit staff have been involved in everything from the aftermath of a "60 Minutes" investigative report to the kidnapping of a corporate executive.
Governmental & Law Enforcment Communications

Through various issues management situations - from hostage situations to federal indictments - the Tactical PerSuit staff has amassed vast experience in the intricacies involved in communicating with governmental and law enforcement entities.

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