Trial Strategy
Mock Trials
Tactical PerSuit® designs and conducts mock trials to give you practical feedback on trial issues, expert and lay witnesses, demonstrative evidence and attorney presentation and demeanor.

Focus Groups
Tactical PerSuit conducts focus groups for a variety of industries and/or law firms on any number of legal situations. These groups are structured discussions led by a moderator or an appointed attorney.

Study Groups
Less structured than focus groups, study groups conducted by Tactical PerSuit offer open dialog discussion of a given issue, allowing participants to share personal experiences and/or insight into a given issue.

Jury Strategy & Selections
Tactical PerSuit uses tried and true methods for developing a focused and strategic jury selection method. Tactical PerSuit will review questionnaires, rate prospective jurors and develop specific follow-up questions for each juror on the panel.

Witness Preparation
Tactical PerSuit professionals can help attorneys prepare witnesses to testify with clarity and assurance and thereby improve their credibility on the stand.

Jury Shadowing
Tactical PerSuit places jury shadowers in the courtroom to observe trial proceedings and provide daily feedback. At the conclusion of each court day, the jury shadowers are interviewed in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the case as it progresses.

Case Evaluation
Tactical PerSuit reviews relevant case documents to identify major case issues and consults with the trial team to clarify problematic themes and issues.

Psychological Evaluation

Psychologists specializing in various forms of consumer behavior are available for consultation and evaluation through Tactical PerSuit.


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